Czech-English schools
with a bilingual teaching method





Why are we different?

Čím jsme jiní _ Královské školy

We have bilingual Czech – English education system with dual approach to teach all subjects.

Our Czech – English primary school teaches all its subjects in two languages. The so-called bilingual teaching system is considered to be the most effective and gentle way of learning two or more languages.

We build on many years of experience with bilingual education of preschool children in our Royal Kindergarten in Prague 8 – Kobylisy.

Two are better than one

Two certified teachers are present during one lesson. One speaking Czech, the other communicating in English. For this reason, teaching two languages in our school is fun and stress-free for pupils and is suitable both for pupils with their mother tongue in Czech who want to learn English and for pupils communicating in English who need to improve their knowledge of Czech.
Ve dvou se to lépe táhne - Bilingvní výuka v Královských školách

What about language lessons?

Bilingvní vzdělávání
Of course, we teach Czech and English only in the given language. Czech is taught only by a Czech teacher and English by English. The number of lessons varies depending on the year the student is studying. For more information, see the article School Curriculum.