Healthy school style

In our schools, we strive to create a healthy and safe environment for your children, taking into account the age of the pupils. In addition to building modifications and equipment, we also emphasize the overall concept of building operation, including efforts to eliminate current risks such as violence in schools (whether violence between students or potential hazards around the building) and efforts to reduce epidemiological risks with the possible occurrence of infectious diseases in collectives.

An integral part of this healthy style is the catering, which is always freshly prepared adn delivered. These meals are prepared especially for our students by the BioNea company focused on preparing food for preschool and school children, which guarantees a balanced and quality diet. Meals are prepared in Organic quality. Catering is designed specifically for children in preschools and primary schools and in compliance with all health and hygiene standards. The menu is varied, balanced and nutritious. We are also able to cater for children who follow special diets and for food allergy sufferers and provide them with tailor-made diet regimes.

You can find the current menu here