About Royal schools

Royal Kindergarten and Primary School Ltd. was established in 2012 on the basis of a high demand for education with extended foreign language teaching. Our main goal is to provide our students and their parents with the possibility of dual language (bilingual) Czech – English education with quality teachers in a pleasant and motivating environment. In 2023, we added the Royal High School and the Dino Schools on the opposite side of the Prague agglomeration to the portfolio of schools.

At the beginning of our work, we applied the bilingual method of language teaching in our kindergarten, where we found out how well young students manage this method and what huge progress they are able to achieve in a short time under our guidance. Over time, we have found that our pupils leaving kindergarten do not have an adequate bilingual follow-up curriculum. Therefore, the logical next step was the establishment of the Royal Primary School in Prague Troja, where we continue the bilingual teaching from the Royal Kindergarten.
Modern teaching methods

We try to use modern teaching techniques in kindergarten and primary school. We try to provide children with quality teachers, use the most modern teaching aids, including digital technologies. The use of these modern procedures proved successful even at the time of school closure due to nationwide quarantine in epidemiological measures associated with the occurrence of COVID-19, when our teaching took place without major problems and our students continued in learning plan without any interruption.
A small number of students in groups

Our educational facilities are based on a low number of pupils in groups. In our opinion, an individual approach to students is the best method for the development of their personalities and their education. Thanks to the small number of pupils in the group, the teacher can pay more attention to individual pupils, can individually develop their strengths and talents and support development in areas where they feel that there should be improvement.
Environment in schools

In our opinion, the school environment is an important part of education. Not only must the kindergarten or school premises be adequately equipped for the planned purpose, ie teaching, but it is important that the environment is also safe, hygienic and pleasant. In such areas, children feel safe and comfortable and the lessons take place with joy. For this reason, we strive to ensure that the premises of our schools are as bright, tasteful, practical and modern as possible, and that they meet all hygienic and aesthetic standards.
Boarding in schools

Another essential part of the high standard of the Royal Schools is catering. We cooperate with the Bionea company, which supplies us with organic food. This diet is prepared taking into account the age of pupils, is tasty, varied and is made from quality ingredients. It is always prepared fresh and brought to schools just before it is served in our canteens. We are also cooperating with the “Milk to schools” project and we are trying to increase the intake of dairy products and fruit among children.